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I’ve always been drawn to the power of peoples’ stories, and have, over the course of the last decade, worked on numerous projects that have allowed me to quietly eavesdrop on the experiences of many different individuals. I’ve heard a little of who they are and why they’ve made the choices they have. I’ve explored how they’ve articulated a vision before pursuing and actioning that desire. I’ve listened as they’ve verbally processed the intersection between their passion and purpose. And I’ve been privy to hopes that have been dashed and dreams that have been fulfilled.

I remember driving across bumpy back roads in the suburbs of Nashville just to ask a drummer what invoked his love of music and how he feels when he plays his best. I remember talking to a fashion editor about her love of clothes and design and how aesthetic sparked her own personal creativity. And I remember interviewing a Mayor of London about his rebellious involvement in local politics as a young boy and how that grew his interest in influencing a city’s culture. 

One overwhelming commonality in all stories was a sense of altruistic purpose when people found themselves in their sweet spot. It wasn’t (always) about stockpiling money or accruing power, it was tinged with a seemingly - or somewhat - pure and innate desire to help others. 

All of these chats, from formal interviews, to snatched conversations over cups of classic English tea, have left an indelible mark on what can only be described as my spirit. 

People are complex - but there is a goodness woven into our DNA that often shines brightest when we’re doing what we’re ‘meant’ to be doing. 

As we continue to compile these Noble Conversations, I hope you’ll join us on a journey to further discover the common identity we all hold as simply being human (and get a few great tips and tricks from industry heavyweights along the way…)

As a good friend of mine says, it’s our humanness that binds us together.

Laura Piety

Editor in Chief

Also: Londoner who now lives in Los Angeles but retains a penchant for PG Tips, also co-founder of Noble Media with husband Brandon.

Trying to do the things that make me tick.


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Laura Piety